Coca-Cola Counter Display

A legendary drink from a legendary brand. It was back in 1886 when the drink was invented and no later than 1915 when the designer Alexander Samuelson proposed an iconic bottle, Coca Cola Contour. After 100 years, the bottle is still popular and does the job of its creation: to represent the image of an unique drink.

Our challenge was also unique. Until our work was done, there was no counter display which could shade light on shape of the bottle. The stress fell on the brand and the only signs of the bottle were merely printings. Problems related to displaying the bottle were to be solved. And further more, how could the bottle be illuminated without bluring its shapes and paling its excellent contours?

Our engineers started working, issuing ideas, combining solutions. And here it is. A 100% genuine solution. A counter display, made out of thermoformed plexiglas, illuminated in a ingenious fashion with LEDs which completely exposes the details of the evolved Coca Cola bottle.

Orderer: Coca Cola Helenic
Edition: 3.000 pcs
Distribution: Eastern Europe

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