was established in 2003 and its main object of activity is the production of advertising signs.

We had continuously invested in new technologies, personnel training and our products were highly appreciated by our clients for their innovative design and high quality standards. The number of our employees has continued to grow and reached 175 these days, our production space has extended to 4000 square meters and the investment in the latest technology in the industry has exceeded 4 mil. Euros.


All change comes with a learning curve. This is why we at Digital Grafix Grup will want our customers in on the job, if they desire. Your ideas are very welcomed. We have an open mind and stay flexible to all concepts and suggestions.

We are the company that can offer our clients the ideal solution for the need of a distinct image at sell point, and by using the latest technologies we put into effect the most inovative ideas in the branch of advertising signs production.

We firmly believe that in reaching our target, every sign needs to bring together three basic characteristics: -inovative design and new technology usage -making the most of the product and respecting branding rules -the balance between the cost of the sign and the reason it was created


Faced with the big issue of sustainable action, we believe that each company has its own obligations, so we engaged in a sustainable campaign of social and environmental responsibility which allows us to adapt to the evolution of the global society, assuring at the same time our performance and stability. Embarking in this direction since 2012, today our sustainable policies revolve around our 3 pillars of sustainable action.

Our environmental approach (code, behavior)

Taking action against climate change.

Devoting our interest to environmentally friendly materials. Decreasing our environmental footprint.

Our civic approach

Taking action against exclusion and discrimination, promoting education and culture.

Our workers come from different corners of society. We have a strong belief in Human rights. We dedicate resources to education and culture, favoring solidarity.

Our social approach

Taking action against exclusion and discrimination, promoting education and culture.

Recruitment and training. Diversity and cultural awareness. We employ people from different backgrounds, because we trust the benefits that come with learning from each other. Responsibly managing the work place, valuing social dialog and the health protection of our employees.


From the founding days of the company in 2003, we inserted in the process of production LED technology as the only illuminating solution. In 2007, at once with the ban on cigarette advertising, an opportunity arrived for our company to create and propose to the big companies in the tobacco industry indoor dynamic signs embedding LED technology.
It has been a pioneerdom, but from the beggining, our proposals have met the quality and design requirments. Because of this, our portfolio of clients has grown. Today our most important clients are: BAT(2005), Heineken (2006), Philip Morris(2014), Coca Cola (2013), Asahi Breweries(2014), Pepsi Cola(2016), Molson Coors(2017).

We produce over 30.000 custom advertising signs of high and medium complexity anually and our products have been exported in 36 countries across Europe, Asia and Africa. In the process of production we use over 250.000 ml of LED stripes anually and our signs are 90% recyclable.



The quality of our signs recomended us, thus our bigger clients being: BAT(2005), Heineken (2006), Philip Morris(2014) Coca Cola (2013), Carlsrom(2014), Pepsi(2016), Molson Coors(2017).


We propose remarkable and unique signs regarding design and technique.


It is normal for every advertising sign, from the road of designing to production, to suffer modifications, most of them being needed. Through constant dialogue with our clients we make this path easier and the final outcome to exceed expectations.